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The Great Sweary Showdown by @SwearyAnimals

The first Great Sweary Showdown was held from Tues 20 – Sunday 25th June 2017 to raise money for Smith The Whippet’s dental bills. It went like this: Every day I drew 24 Sweary Animals to order at £5 an order. Every evening, all the animals were posted in pairs on Twitter along with a poll to determine the best sweary animals. Winners of each pair went on to fight each other. By the end of the evening there could be only one remaining.

On Sunday, the five daily champions went at it head to head all day long, until one foul-mouth beast emerged triumphant, taking the title AND securing themselves a victory canvas painting for the original orderer.

It was exciting! It was thrilling! It was A WHOLE HECK OF A LOT OF DRAWING. It was occasionally bewildering, and ALWAYS joyously sweary.  See the Sweary Animals ranking for ALL the Sweary Animals that competed in the first ever Sweary Showdown. Check back later for killer stats and PIE CHARTS.

Order a Sweary Animal (click here)Do you still have a swear + animal combo that you really feel needs to be shown to the world? Fear not! You can still buy a Sweary Animal – AT ANY TIME! Just fill in our form here, and you can order as many as you like, whenever you like!

The GREAT SWEARY ANIMAL SHOWDOWN was held to raise money for Smith’s upcoming dental work, and his pre-op bloodwork, which got a bit exciting & ended up being more than we expected.
Smith pantingHere’s some of his few remaining teeth (the front pointy ones), which are in a state and need to be removed. He’ll be much happier without them, and his tongue will fall out more often, which will cheer everyone else up too.





  1. This is a brilliant way of raising funds. I’ve ordered my sweaty animal, and I think I’ve chosen wisely.

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