Laurie Pink

He draws things, you know...


Emily & Pete’s wedding invite (not actually on the 32th).
Drawn on Adobe Illustrator, with removable elements that can be used as individual mini images throughout the details included with the invite.Full wedding invite image, with banners for name and date & individual illustrations making up the whole image.

A truckle of cheese with a slice missing.

Cheese, for Pete, who likes cheese. Em does also like cheese. Just not as much as Pete.

A boat with red sails, flying the Cornish flag.

Rosa the gaff-rigged Ketch, a boat very close to Em’s heart.

Green roller derby helmet with grey star

A roller derby helmet with a jam star in the colours of Manchester Roller Derby, the league that both Emily & Pete play for, and how they met.

A globe

A globe, for Pete’s love of maps.


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