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18 Dec

Hello! Happy Christmas! You are not forgotten!

Good day all! And especially a welcome if you’re coming to my site for the first time, following purchasing Laurie Pink goodness, or seeing my work somewhere!
A quick glance at the site will show that I have sorely neglected it. This shall be the case NO MORE!

First, here a few pics of what I have been doing lately.
Manchester readers may like to pop by the Manchester Craft Centre’s lovely shop, to peruse affordable arty gifts for Christmas pressies. I’m fortunate enough to be the artist spending two weeks of the Christmas period with drawings on their windows!

Alas, nothing of mine is for sale in the shop (don’t worry, I’ll work on that), but several of my mates have stuff in there, so do give it a browse.

09 Feb

Social protest and spam


Yesterday it was announced that our local baths was going to be closed down, as part of the huge budget cuts Manchester council are doing – because it makes sense to shut down stuff that gives people exercise & keeps them happy, obviously.

So I made a banner! Then in the evening Sj and I went down to the baths to do protesting with a massive group of local people, many friends included. It was great and we were on the news!

We had to leave the protest early, however, as we had a date with Spamalot at the Palace Theatre – squee! I hadn’t seen a musical since I saw Matilda at the Bristol Hippodrome with primary school, and Sj’s last musical theatre outing was to Evita “Too long ago to think about”, so we were very very excited. Justifiably so, as it really was a lovely, giggly evening out, and you really must see it – doubly so if you know most of Monty Python and The Holy Grail off-by-heart (or have a special crush on Phill Jupitus and/or Todd Carty). The story is nicely tweaked to fit the stage, and the small cast makes it feel a bit like you’re watching your mates do something cool. My favourite bit was the Lady of the Lake’s nymphs doing their wild string-waving.

I did a bit of drawing watching it, but my sketches were hampered by really enjoying the play & not wanting to be distracted. Here’s a nice neat version of a sketch I did that I drew up when I got home.

Yes, it is the only swallow in the world that wees out of its belly. Shhh. Do not question its wonder.

04 Feb

Waiting Room

Today I have gone to the Doctor’s (or is it the Doctors’, seeing as there’s more than one doctor there? Hmmm).  Don’t worry – it wasn’t for anything serious/exciting, just boring stuff. I took my sketchbook with me, because I remembered how long I waited last time, and thought you may like to see all my drawings from this morning.

This Doctors’s’s” is one I’m new to. It has a sign pointing to the Consulting Rooms and one pointing to the Treatment Rooms. The signs point in opposite directions. The one that points to the Treatment Rooms actually goes to the Consulting Rooms. The one that points to the Consulting Rooms actually goes to the Treatment Rooms. No one has thought to change the signs round, and I’ve not yet seen anyone get confused (like I did). I think it must be one of those secret things that you are just meant to Know.

The last one wasn’t in the Doctors’. It was on the road outside, when I was walking home. A cat in the Doctors’ would be unhygienic and foolish. They go to the Vets’.

Doctors’… Vets’… should I even be capitalising these? I don’t know. I have a cold.

16 Jan

Close Your Eyes & Draw Batman

There’s a #closeyoureyesanddrawbatman hashtag going on theBatmand & Man Bat Twitter at the moment. I’m enjoying it very much. It’s nearly as good as The Blind Cat Challenge group on facebook! (go and see that, if you’re on the facehole. It’s great!)
Here are my first three closed eyes Batmans. I did a literal Batman for one of them, and then it was pointed out to me that it looked a lot like Man-Bat. My Man Bat is happy & dancey, though.

Why not try some of your own blind-batmans in the comments!

12 Jan

Wake up, Wacom! Wake up!

it is a little drawing of a bear


My Wacom tablet isn’t well. Well, the little port on the side that its USB cable goes into isn’t well. It’s all loose & won’t acknowledge the cable anymore.

Seeing as I can’t afford a new tablet (which would seem a silly thing to get, seeing as it’s just a loose sockety bit) & very much doubt I can afford to have it fixed, I am going to do a bit of home-surgery on it. After having a look at this handy-dandy “what’s inside a wacom” (if you can’t see the vid straight away, I found that just reloading the page a few times finally got it kickstarted), I’m no longer afraid that my tablet is full of snakes & tiny vital delicate parts attached to springs that will leap into the air upon removal of an easy-to-dislodge panel.

Thus, shall I find my soldering iron, and open that little wacom and stick it all back together again!

In the meantime, I am doing all my drawing with… pens and stuff. I’ve seen lots of throwaway phrases & stuff on Twitter that I’ve so wanted to do a quick scribble to, but without my trusty tablet to grab for, a quick scribble would include scanning in & all that jazz, so I have just done a sad face & sighed.

On the other hand, it’s been quite nice to just sit quietly and draw stuff by hand (I doodle all the time, but the purposeful stuff tends to be straight into photoshop these days). I discovered that I have no idea which sketchbook I’m using at the moment. If you’re not of

A wobot, a walkman & a whippet

Wobot, walkman, whippet

an artsy drawing all the time bent, trust me, realising you don’t know what sketchbook you’re currently using is a very odd thing. I know I have several potential sketchbooks around that haven’t been started, and a couple that I’ve finished & since found a few blank pages in, but… which one am I currently on? I feel untethered!

Wait! WAITwaitwait!

I remember!

It’s the little moleskine that I got in a pack of three a bit ago!

Oh, good. That’s a weight off my mind, that is. Thanks for helping me out with that.

Here are some scribbles for you…

(You can leave drawing comments of your own on this post, if you like)

Some drawings in felt tip - monsters, a crown, a badger, a heart, a bunny, a star...

All kinds of Everything

01 Jan

Ted T-t-ted Teddd…

I’m writing this in an ad break during Channel 4’s Father Ted night, which is just a joy to watch. It’s like a whole evening of lovely. I think what I like so very much about Ted is that it’s never miserable, always beguiling and makes me feel like I’m wearing a comedy tank top. All soft & cable-knit, with some amusing 3D features, like pom-poms.

Yes, that’s exactly it. Why do I draw pictures and not write, with this lyrical talent of mine?

Anyway, I’ll put a link to the repeat that I’m sure 4 On Demand will have available before long. In the meantime, I’m drawing pictures to celebrate Father Ted.

Father Ted Night on Channel 4, New Year's Day